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ADR, or Automated Dialogue Replacement, is a post-production process used in film and television. It involves re-recording and replacing dialogue to improve audio quality or alter the original lines recorded on set.

audio post

Post Audio, also known as Post-Production Audio or Audio Post-Production, is the process of creating and editing the soundtrack of a film, TV show, or video after the visual elements have been edited.

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Our services include quality audio recording, editing, music selection, production of intros and outros, podcast artwork creation, and distribution assistance, ensuring your podcast reaches a wide audience.

video editing

We provide professional video editing services to transform your raw footage into a polished final product. Our services include arrangement of clips, color correction, sound design, and exporting in the desired format.

voiceovers + demos

Voiceovers are off-screen voices that narrate a production used in films, TV, commercials, video games, etc. Voice Demos are short clips that showcase one’s vocal range & versatility.

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Audiobooks are spoken-word versions of written books, allowing one to listen to book content while multitasking, commuting, or relaxing. They’re a popular form of entertainment and learning in today’s fast-paced world.

Mach 1 for Live Streaming

live streaming

Live streaming is the real-time broadcasting of video and audio content over the internet, allowing viewers to watch events as they happen. It’s used for webinars, gaming, social media, and various online events.

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social media

Social media strategy is crucial for businesses to engage with customers, increase brand visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales while building a platform for customer interaction, feedback, and a sense of community.

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logos + graphics

Logos and graphics are essential as they create a visual identity, enhance brand or case recognition, and convey an organization’s mission and values, helping to attract and retain customers and contributors.

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web design

A website is crucial for businesses as it enhances visibility, credibility, and accessibility. It serves as a digital storefront, allowing customers to learn about, interact with, and purchase from a business 24/7.

Mix of different media types

transfer + duplication

Transferring memories from old mediums like VHS to digital formats preserves them from degradation, makes them easily accessible and shareable to future generations.

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Our consulting services guide individuals through setting up their own podcast or show, providing tailored advice for home, office, or mobile setups. We ensure optimal sound quality and ease of operation for self-production.