Mach 1 Productions

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Expect industry standard ADR work from Mach 1 Productions. With over 30 years of experience, there is nothing we haven’t seen, heard, or fixed. We have the capability to connect to off-site producers from New York to LA via ISDN, Source Connect, Zoom, and Skype. We have dubbed for major motion films as well as small independent projects. We are the most proud of our continued work with the gentlemen of the WWE. The pressure is on when those big guys are around!

Post Audio

Many, if not all, video products need some sound design, mixing, and leveling before they are ready to be presented. Most people do not realize how much audio work goes into your favorite TV shows and movies. It is no different with commercials, ads, or social media content. Your product has to not only look professional, it needs to SOUND professional. That’s where we come in.


Ever think of starting a podcast? Most people that do are already very articulate orators. What many lack is the knowledge and expertise to record quality audio, edit the audio, choose the correct music, produce intros and outros, create the podcast artwork, and finally, distribute the final product and track its growth. Phew…that’s a mouthful. Imagine having to do all that on your own! Luckily, we have done this process in varying degrees to the point that it’s mechanical. You come in, do what you do best, and leave the rest to us!

Social Media Management

Whether you are a mid-sized operation or a lone ranger, strategically leveraging your social media can be challenging. Once you have a plan you then need to schedule and post on a regular and consistent basis to be favored by the algorithms of today’s social media platforms. If that went over your head, no worry. When starting or running a business, your main focus should be on the product or service you are providing. Let us help build a strategy that fits your goals and budget. There’s a lot to unpack here so CALL or EMAIL us. We’ll get this done together!

Video Editing

Managing multiple video files and combining them into one cohesive piece of footage can be daunting. Once you get past the arrangement, coloring, sound design, exporting, among others, await your arrival. Whether you project is home made, theater quality, or anywhere in between, we got your back.


Have you written a book? You can cast a wider net over your audience by giving them the flexibility to listen to your content while they plow through a day of mundane tasks. Passive listening is growing at a pace that will soon drown out the authors who do not take advantage. Your content may be life changing and world-altering, but if the right people do not hear it, does it matter? Give your lazy listeners as much attention as you give your captive audience. That’s where we come in!

Live Streaming

We service our clients with their live streaming needs whether they come to the studio or if we have to go off-site. Do you have a production that needs to reach its intended audience in real time? Live streaming is the way to go for churches, concerts, plays, teachers, trainers, and orators alike. In addition to live streaming your production, we can save, edit, and upload your content for an improve production value that your consumers will appreciate.

Voice-Overs & Demos

Need narration? How about sound design or professional effects? Confused on where to get music you won’t get sued over? If you are a company or individual with a visual piece, then quality audio is a must to complete the masterpiece. Do people compliment you on your speaking voice? If so, you may be the next great voice-over talent and not even know it! Many of our existing VO talent got their start in much the same humble manner.

Logos & Graphics

Need a logo? If you do not have one or you are not satisfied with your existing logo, the answer should be yes! Your logo is one of the first things your potential customers will see. It is also how existing customers will easily recognize your brand in an otherwise crowded and noisy space. Once you have a logo you are on your way to the “others”….business cards, pamphlets, website design, and merchandising. But it all starts with a logo!

Web Design

If you are selling products or services online, then web design is important to share the quality of your goods and/or services. If you manage to get people to your website, only to lose them because the website is not optimized properly, you may be wasting any efforts and/or ad dollars that you may be spending. Just as you should seek a professional to help you with your legal matters or your taxes, you need to consider consulting with a professional here also. Anyone can make a pretty site but there is much more to consider when building your online storefront.

Transfer & Duplication

Over the years we have worked on some intriguing projects. While dupping can be a mundane task, transferring old audio and video memorabilia to modern media has really been rewarding for us. No type of media is too old, dusty, or damaged for us. Bring your family treasures back to life!